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Trade in your Xbox 360Xbox OnePS3PS4WiiU and Switch Video Games and Game Consoles.Trade4Cash offers FREE shipping and FAST payment. We'll pay via Paypal, an eGiftCard or mail you a check.

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Business Model

We are a growing company committed to providing the best service and top prices for your video games, tablets, phones and other electronic devices. We are a small but well-organized company that can respond quickly and give you the personal service you deserve. Our company model is built to pay you top dollar, provide exceptional service and a simplified convenient method of paying you for your electronics.


Our proprietary pricing engine works around the clock looking at the market and adjusting its prices to ensure you get top dollar. From this data we are constantly changing our prices as time, new technology and seasonality are infused with our algorithm. We all know that over time the value of electronic gadgets decrease, some brands drop faster than others. Selling your item sooner than later, will help ensure you get the maximum value for your item.


We strive to provide the best customer service. We will send you updates during the entire process, so you know exactly where your item is and what to expect next. We invite you to ask questions and give us feedback. We want to know whats working and not working, allowing us to change to provide even better service next time.


Our process is very simple and easy to follow, you start it off by finding your item and we’ll guide you along the rest of way, giving you updates that show you exactly where your item is and what’s next. We are experts in technology, supply chain and refurbishment. Our processes are quality driven and designed to be streamlined and efficient.


At Trade4Cash we understand we are not perfect, we are constantly making improvements to our site and processes. We have the ability to make changes and add items that other sites may consider too old or are not priced right. We have the ability to act quickly to feedback or market changes. We want to make ourselves better by hearing about why you didn’t use us. Please email us at with comments and suggestions.

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