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Launched November of 2012, the Wii U is the first Nintendo Console to support HD graphics.  The system features a game pad, which has an embedded touch screen.  This allows it to be used as a supplement to the main desplay or the ability to play directly on the game pad without having using the television.  The Wii U brings to lift many of your favorite nintendo characters - from Mario to Link.

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Released in November of 2006, the Nintendo Wii was the first system to feature an interactive motion system.  The Wii system featured new titles featuring the characters we love and also allowed for us to relive some of our favorite gaming moments with its virtual console. 

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Nintendo has been known for its hand held gaming systems since the introduction of the Gameboy many years ago.  The 3DS lives up to the Nintendo name, featuring 3DS game play, backward compatability to Nintendo DS games and the ability to use various popular apps for video streaming.

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When it was launched in November of 2004, the Nintendo DS brought dual screens to hand held gaming.  Featuring touch screens, wireless connectivity and popular gaming titles, the Nintendo DS is the best selling hand held console to date. 

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