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Trade in your Xbox 360Xbox OnePS3PS4WiiU and Switch Video Games and Game Consoles.Trade4Cash offers FREE shipping and FAST payment. We'll pay via Paypal, an eGiftCard or mail you a check.

Trade in Values

Everyone wants the most cash they can get for their video games.  And let’s face it, busy people don't have the time to hassle with setting up auctions, lines in stores, and driving everywhere to find the best trade in value for their video games.

Convenience is key and nothing is more convenient than being able to get the prices for your items and start your trade from the comfort of your home.  


At Trade4Cash, the value for your trade in is more than just a dollar figure.  It is:


  • Competitive trade in values that are in line with (and often better than) popular trade in stores, programs and websites.  
  • Fast and personalized customer service.
  • Quick processing with communication as each step of the trade in process is completed.
  • A variety of opportunities to earn bonus cash on your video game trade in.
  • Fast payment in a variety of methods so you can chose what is most convenient for you!
  • No special club required to earn the most for your trade.


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