Trade4Cash offers great Trade in Values for all Video Games and Game Consoles!

Trade in your Xbox 360Xbox OnePS3PS4WiiU and Switch Video Games and Game Consoles.Trade4Cash offers FREE shipping and FAST payment. We'll pay via Paypal, an eGiftCard or mail you a check.

  The "Trust Us" Program

Are you a busy mom with video games or other items you want to sell for cash? 

Is your collection of items large? Does the idea of adding each item one at a time scare you?

4 simple steps is all it takes!

Step 1: Create a Trust Us order for each box you plan to ship.

Step 2: Confirm your information & payment method.

Step 3: Print your packing slip & free shipping label.

Step 4: Box your order & send it to us!

When Trade4Cash receives your order, we will identify each item and its condition.  Once everything is identified, we create an order for you, replacing the Trust Us Order.  

We will then send you an email notifying you that we've created your quote, listing each item and its condition.  At this point, you will have 7 days to approve or deny your quote. Once you approve it, we will process your order for payment.

If you deny the quote, we will return the items to you following our return policy.


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