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Trade in your Xbox 360Xbox OnePS3PS4WiiU and Switch Video Games and Game Consoles.Trade4Cash offers FREE shipping and FAST payment. We'll pay via Paypal, an eGiftCard or mail you a check.

Shipping your item(s)

Packing Your Item(s)

Use an appropriate amount of packing materials to ensure the product is safe during shipment. Use bubble wrap, newspaper, packing peanuts or anything else that will help protect the product from being damaged if dropped, tossed or crammed. Use a bubble mailer if your item is small enough as this has protective material built right in. If using a box, please choose one that not have any holes, rips or tears. Adequately tape your box closed, ensuring safe shipment and to discourage any tampering.

Trade4Cash is not responsible for any damage to your items that may occur during shipping.

Shipment labeling

After you complete the order you will be supplied a packing slip and a label. Please place the packing slip inside the shipment, to ensure a speedy receipt and valuation. If no packing slip is found, extra time will be needed to determine and figure out what the correct order is. Print out the label and affix to the outside of the package.


We use USPS for all prepaid shipments. USPS is the most convenient and the simplest carrier to use. Simply drop off your package at any Post Office or leave your package in your mailbox. Please note if you choose to leave your package in a mailbox or the package is not scanned by the USPS, Trade4Cash cannot be held liable for the contents of the package. We recommend that all packages are dropped off at a post office to ensure all packages are scanned and can be tracked. If a package is not delivered and has been lost you will need to file a claim with USPS.

Trade4Cash is not responsible for any package not scanned or lost during shipping.

Shipment Tracking

You’ll be supplied a custom URL that will allow you track your package. The link will take you directly to the tracking page for your specific shipment. After we receive the package the notifications will come from Trade4cash concerning where your order is in the process of receiving/valuation and payment.

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