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Product Condition

Correctly Selecting your Condition

When selecting the condition of your item please read and understand the condition criterion that describes what is acceptable and not acceptable. Selecting the correct condition will ensure a smooth transaction and fast payment. The process will be slowed if we find a discrepancy between the order and the product. If we find a discrepancy, a revaluation will be done and sent back to you for approval.


If we find a discrepancy we will reevaluate the order and send it back to you for approval. You will need to respond by logging into your account and approve or deny the revaluated order. We require that you make a decision within 7 days or the system will automatically process the order as is with the new price(s). 

Revaluated order rejected

If you reject the revaluated price(s) and want the product(s) back we require that you pay for the return shipping. After you deny the revaluation, we will calculate the cost of shipping the product(s) back to you and supply instructions on how to pay for the return shipping.


In addition to selecting the correct condition, it’s equally important to select the correct options as this will follow the same process. Not shipping or selecting an incorrect option or accessory will cause the order to be reevaluated and delayed. If we are missing any component or if you think we should add an option for a particular item, please let us know by emailing .



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