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Donate Your Electronics to Charity

Donating to a Charity

We at Trade4Cash strongly believe in charitable giving and as a result you’ll have the ability to donate 100% of the cash that you would have received for your traded-in device. This is an excellent way of giving and getting that warm fuzzy feeling without opening your checkbook. We realize that there are a lot of great charities out there and listing all would produce a very long list. We have handpicked a diverse group of national charities, hoping that you’ll find one that you’ll be able to relate to.


Our current list of Charities are:

 Donate to Make A Wish with Trade4Cash today


        Donate to American Diabetes Association with Trade4Cash today        Donate to American Red Cross with Trade4Cash today


Donate to American Cancer Society with Trade4Cash today




Donate to March of Dimes with Trade4Cash today



Donate to Susan G Komen with Trade4Cash today



Donate to Ronald McDonald House with Trade4Cash today



Don't see a Charity you're looking for?

We admit that our list is not all-inclusive and some great ones are not listed. We are interested in hearing from you about your favorite charity. If we get a strong enough request, we will happily add it to the list of charities. Otherwise feel free to take the cash and donate it to your charity on your terms.

Please let us know of the charity you’d like to see by contacting us at

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