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Trade4Cash acknowledges game flipping happens all the time. This is where you'll find a game online or in store that you can sell back to us for a small profit. We allow and embrace this, as we have faith in our pricing algorithms. If you can find a game cheaper than what we are willing to pay, go ahead and flip it to us. We know Amazon, BBY, Gamestop and others have sales to unload inventory, create store traffic or have back end rebates with publishers. We want these games!

Why are we bringing this up? We're seeing a lot of great titles come in that we can't normally buy directly from the publisher or have the staff or workforce to place hundreds of orders. Starting soon, we post a list of games that we will knowingly up our TIVs to cover that cost of purchasing. In other words we'll hand deliver a list of games that will be known flips. We'll tell you what game, what we'll pay, where you can buy and for what price. This will be easy money for many of you. We are the only site that we know of that is doing this. All the other trade in the places you'll experience limitations on either the amount of orders or quantities. More sophisticated websites and models will automatically lower TIVs based off volume.

Below are the rules for the sponsored flips.


  1. All product must have a UPC.
    Product with 'Not for resale' or anything else that is not a UPC will be devalued.
  2. All product must have an ESRB rating.
    PEGI or any other rating system will not be accepted.
  3. All product must be in perfect condition.
    There can be no dents, cracks, slits or any other imperfections.
  4. Every order containing a Flip title must have at least 5 pieces.
    Any five pieces will do. They do not have to be Flip titles. If any order with a Flip title is recieved with less than 5 pcs, the price will be lowered to cover all shipping costs.
  5. Affiliate codes will not be applicable.
  6. Quote expiration will be enforced.


If anyone of these rules are not followed we will NOT pay the advertised TIV. The price will be lowered to the current USED or lower price.


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